“Marnie Cooper is passionate, knowledgeable and a wonderful teacher.  Her integrity and enthusiasm is exemplary and in the most positive way infectious. She did terrific work day in and day out with the young actors in “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”
Ron Howard. Director

“Marnie Cooper's understanding and love of children, combined with the discipline of her technique, allows each child to grow to his or her full potential. I recommend Marnie to anyone (child or teen) who is serious about acting.”
Karen Church. Vice President of Casting, CBS

“Marnie's book is a  fabulously relevent and perceptive book on the most important elements young actors and thier parents should know about the craft as well as the business of auditioning.I would recommend it to anyone who wants to de-mystify the process of the art and the audition”
Mitchell Gossett, CESD

“Thank you so much, Marnie, for keeping my actors so real!”
Wendi Green, Paradigm

"Marnie cares so deeply for all her students and their craft. She takes every component of the material and sharpens it until everything about the scene is effortlessly perfect. I feel so honored to be working with such a creative, warm, kind, and brilliantly talented professional in this industry. Simply said, Marnie is the best!"
Allie Grant, Series Regular on Weeds

"Marnie Cooper School of acting is amazing! Marnie definitely broke me out of my comfort zone when it comes to different roles and it has helped me so much!! I would recommend her to anyone !!"
Skai Jackson

“Marnie Cooper has been such an intricate part of my kids’ careers.  From coaching Miley before auditioning for Hannah Montana (and bringing her so far) to helping Noah any time she auditions as well!  I recommend her to people almost daily!”
Tish Cyrus

"Marnie is one of the best coaches I have had the pleasure to work with as she pushes me to challenge myself as an actor and helps me keep it "'real'…and besides being a fabulous coach she is fun!"
Stefanie Scott, Lexi (series regular on A.N.T. Farm), Wreck-It Ralph (Moppet), Frenemies (role Julianne), No Strings Attached (Young Emma), Disney 365, Flipped (Dana Tressler), Sons of Tucson (Molly), Funny in Farsi (Debbie Appleby), The New Adventures of old Christine (Britney Burke), Special Agent Oso (Emma).
"Marnie is the best! I would strongly recommend her to any kids who are serious about acting!"Braeden Lemasters, Series Regular “Men of a Certain Age” (Ray Romano’s son)

Braeden Lemasters' credits also include:
Feature Films "A Christmas Story 2" (role of Ralph), "The Stepfather", "Love's Unending Legacy" (received a Camie Award for his performance), "Sacrifices of the Heart", and "Beautiful Loser."

Guest Star on "Law & Order: SVU", "House", "ER", "Ghost Whisperer", "Eli Stone", "Life", "The Closer", and "Criminal Minds." Numerous national commercials and voice-overs

“Marnie’s insights into the industry are right on the money! A child actor/parent team who carefully reads this book will have a clear advantage over others trying to ‘make it’. There is such a wealth of information on every page, it would be advantageous to read it many times over, as even just one sentence might be the thing that brings a child to a whole new level.”
Paul Armento. Writer/Director/Producer of “The People Garden” ( NYC )

“She’s the ultimate acting coach for children and teens!  You don’t get any better!”
Marilyn Zitner Management.

“Marnie Cooper’s understanding, combined with the discipline of her technique, allows each actor to grow to his or her full potential.  I recommend Marnie to anyone (child or teen) who is serious about acting.”
Karen Church. Vice President of Casting, CBS.

“I have seen Marnie Cooper prove Svengali-like, eliciting confident, professional performances from young actors.” 
Stephen Schwartz of “Wicked”

“Marnie's just plain awesome! She's very nice and you definitely feel comfortable with her.  She can help you get to a point where you thought you could never go.  She makes coaching fun, and she has a good sense of humor.  We get a lot done in a pretty short time!”
Maxim Knight, Series regular, "Falling Skies"

“Since my son began coaching with Marnie Cooper, his career has truly blossomed!  Marnie is an EXCEPTIONAL acting coach, inspiring trust and confidence while gently pushing his craft to deeper levels of mastery.  Her instincts are incredible!  She propelled my son to his first Series Regular booking!  She's a top-notch coach at a refreshingly reasonable price, and she always finds time to coach my son despite her full schedule. My son and I both feel that our search for the PERFECT coach is over!”
Laura Knight (Maxim’s mother)

"Marnie is the best acting coach ever!"
Blake Garrett, recurring on the TV series "New Girl","Crazy Eyes", "Married Not Dead"

"Everytime he gets coaching from you I feel he learns so much and grows so much as an actor..He started with you a couple of years ago and because of your coaching he has gotten several parts. He did a pilot 'Dont try this at Home' 'The Office', 'Crazy Eyes', 'Bridesmaids', 'This is 40', 'New Girl' and just booked another movie called 'Saving Harmony' ….Everytime he has an audition he feels relieved to know he will be coming to you for guidance…He will learn his lines and at times may be unsure how to say them or not quite sure what the scene is really about so he always feels a sense of relief to know that you are there to help him.."
Sherri (Blake's mother)

"Marnie helps me reach places inside of me that I didn't know I could find. She is so loving and encouraging!"
Mackenzie Aladjem – Television: Nurse Jackie (series regular), The Middle, CSI Miami, All My Children Film: This Is 40, The Lincoln Lawyer

"Marnie is my go to acting coach for my clients as well as my own daughter. She gives young actors the tools necessary to feel confident and be successful. They learn in a loving, comfortable environment that allows them to take chances."
Laura Aladjem (Mackenzie's mother)


"Two words… Marnie Cooper! She is an amazing coach and really walks you through each character. She is fun and sociable, and yet gets the job done. Love her as a coach and person. She really wants you to succeed."
Dara Sisterhen – Television: Everyday Kid, Victorious, The Jadagrace Show, Dog With a Blog
Film: All Kids Count