2019 Bookings!

CONGRATULATIONS to all our wonderful and talented students who have worked so hard in 2019!


Primary photo for Olivia Holt

Olivia Holt 
Runaways, Turkey Drop, and you can continue to see Olivia on Cloak & Dagger

Sammi Hanratty Picture

Sammi Hanratty 
Yellowjackets, Another Girl, Countdown, Skin in the Game, Timeline, Daybreak, Grand Hotel

Vivien Lyra Blair
We Can Be Heroes, Dear Zoe, Indebted, Telling Lies

Related image

Hala Finley 
We Can Be Heroes, Teachers, and you can continue to see Hala on Man With a Plan


Ramone Hamilton Picture

Ramone Hamilton 
Family Reunion, Coop and Cami Ask the World, Chicken Squad 


Wesley Kimmel Picture

Wesley Kimmel
The Rookie, Good Girls, The Hater


Primary photo for Julian Zane

Julian Zane
Ghostwriter, The Big Show Show, Mira Royal Detective

Blake Bergman

Blake Bergman
Schooled, Solve, 9-1-1, What Would You Do?, A Girl Named Jo 


Scarlett Estevez

Scarlett Estevez
You can continue to see Scarlett on Bunk’d, Lucifer, and If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Image result for chandler kinney

Chandler Kinney
Z-O-M-B-I-E-S 2


Megan Stott Picture

Megan Stott
Little Fires Everywhere


Mia Lynn Bangunan Picture

Mia Lynn Bangunan
Grey’s Anatomy


Autumn Chasson Picture

Autumn Chasson


Image result for london cheshire

London Chesire
Young Sheldon


Image result for kale culley

Kale Culley


Image result for carly dutcher

Carly Dutcher


Anders Garrett

Anders Garrett


Madelyn Grace Picture

Madelyn Grace
Grey’s Anatomy


Image result for victoria grace

Victoria Grace


Arabella Grant Picture

Arabella Grant
Fuller House


Jack Gross

Jack Gross
Weekend Warriors, The Afterschool Show

Callie Hope Haverda Picture

Callie Haverda
The Lost Husband

Image result for noah ziggy james

Noah Ziggy James
Keyhole Garden


Primary photo for Kailen Jude

Kailen Jude 
Grey’s Anatomy


Sophie Landsman

Izzy Lieberman
Sydney to the Max

Max Purget
The Sneak

Olivia Sanabia Picture

Olivia Sanabia 
you can continue to see Olivia on Coop and Cami Ask the World and Just Add Magic


Kenley Smyth Picture

Kenley Smyth
bookings TBA

Image result for avantika vandanapu

Avantika Vandanapu
Diary of a Future President

Kai Wener
The Orville